Unit 1 - Welcome to Online Course Jumpstart

Welcome to Online Course Jumpstart!

Hi and welcome to Online Course Jumpstart! My name's Eb Gargano and I am super excited for you - by buying this course you are ready to start the most exciting journey... towards both passive income and the incredible levels of happiness you get when you help students hit and exceed their goals and achieve things they didn't think were possible.

Online courses are booming right now... and yet, surprisingly few bloggers are creating them...

So, first of all, I want you to give yourself a massive pat on the back - buying this course shows you are smart and puts you waaay ahead of all the bloggers out there who still haven't yet wised up to the amazing power of online courses.

The problem with this online course explosion is so many people right now are trying to make courses... but they massively lack the essential skills to create courses that a) help people and b) actually sell.

I am a total course junkie and I've bought more courses than I'm willing to admit... but one thing that totally stands out to me, is quite how bad many of those courses have been. They lack structure, they lack focus, they jump about all over the place and they just don't deliver the results they promise.

The problem is that creating courses requires you to wear many hats... you are 'teacher' and 'curriculum designer' and 'market researcher' and 'sales copy writer' and 'sales funnel creator' and 'tech department'...

Most bloggers are naturally quite good teachers... that's what we do, every day - teach people things via our blogs.

But what most bloggers are NOT very good at is 'curriculum design' and the business/marketing side of things.

Well, I have good news for you... these are things you can easily learn... if you have a good teacher!

Now, obviously the ideal teacher would be someone who had spent years teaching and designing curriculums, but someone who also had a business degree... and actual real-life business/marketing experience... and ideally someone who was also a successful blogger and course creator... but honestly, where are you going to find one person with all those skills???

Oh, that'd be me.

Seriously, I have a bit of a weird patchwork resume... I did a business degree, then worked in the food and drink industry for years (mainly in marketing roles), before switching track completely and becoming an English teacher, teaching English as a foreign language.

In my teaching job I specialised in teaching higher level and exam students - students who were taking exams like IELTS, FCE and CAE (the sort of qualifications you need to be a doctor in the UK, for example!) And part of my remit was designing curriculums to get those students exam ready in the shortest amount of time.

When I left teaching I became a professional blogger and put my writing, teaching and business skills to good use, building 2 successful blogs and launching several successful blogging courses. (My most popular course has over 1300 students in it and has seen many, many success stories, including students going from zero income to full time blogging income!)

This slightly crazy patchwork resume means that I have pretty much the perfect skillset to teach online course creation to bloggers.

In this course, you won't just learn the basics of how to create an online course, you will learn:

  • How to do effective market research so your course won't be a flop!
  • How to pick a course topic your audience is willing to PAY YOU to learn about
  • How to design a curriculum that will give your students results (and results = testimonials and word of mouth marketing = more sales!)
  • The nuts and bolts of how to actually put a successful course together (it's actually way easier than most people realise!)
  • Step by step tech tutorials on how to actually build your course
  • How effective course marketing begins before you've even chosen your topic
  • How to validate your course idea so you don't waste your time building a course no one wants to buy
  • How to build up excitement and anticipation among your audience, so when you finally launch they can't wait to hand over their credit card details
  • How to build a killer sales page (even if you have no design or sales copy writing skills)
  • How to pick the right pricing strategy for your online course
  • How to build a successful course launch (without having to do webinars or pay for ads - unless you want to!)
  • How to sell your course after your launch
  • And so much more!

And the best news? I am going to show you how to do all of this in just 8 weeks.

In 8 weeks, you can literally go from 0 to fully fledged successful course launch.

How can I be so sure?

Because I've now built 5 successful courses, following the exact plan I am about to share with you.

Ready to get started?

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