Unit 3 - Common objections

But maybe you are still a bit sceptical and wonder if you can really believe the hype? In this unit I want to address 3 common objections people have about online courses:

  • I’ve tried it and it didn’t work for me
  • It's a lot of effort
  • You need lots of expensive tech

I’ve tried it and it didn’t work for me

Perhaps you've already tried creating a digital product like a course or ebook and it totally flopped? Don't be too quick to assume that online courses just don't work in your niche. The truth is, it's possible to make a successful online course in almost any niche. The most common reasons why digital products fail is:

  1. You didn't do good enough (or any!) market research
  2. You didn't validate your course idea
  3. You didn't harness the power of email marketing (most digital product sales come from email marketing, not your blog or social media!)
  4. You didn't create a good enough sales funnel (there's a lot more to it than most people realise!)
  5. You picked the wrong format (see the next unit for why online courses work so much better than ebooks)

Luckily I cover all of this in this course, so this time round you are much more likely to succeed!

It's a lot of effort

Another common objection is that creating an online course is a lot of work. And, I won't lie, it will take SOME effort... but a lot less than most people think!

Obviously we are all different, but I have designed this course in such a way that you should be able to create a really good course in just 8 weeks... and I don't mean 8 weeks full time! I estimate it will take about 10 hours per week (though it could be a lot less, depending on what kind of course you decide to make) - and remember, you are creating an ASSET that you can sell over and over again once it's finished!

You need lots of expensive tech

Many people think you need a lot of expensive tech to make a digital course, but this is absolutely NOT TRUE! All you really need is a computer, your mobile phone and yourself. I'm guessing you have all of those already!

There is one additional thing you will need and that's a course platform - such as Teachable or Thinkific. This is essential (well in theory you *could* host your course on your blog - but this is a lot of hassle, will almost certainly lead to a whole bunch of problems and sleepless nights and, IMHO, not worth even contemplating unless you are super techy!) I will cover how to choose a good course platform in Module 4.

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