Unit 3 - Prerequisites for this course

There's one main prerequisite for this course and that is you need to have something to sell!

I have designed this course specifically for people who have an online course to sell, but the principles in this course will work, just as well with any kind of digital product.

(If you haven't created your online course then *ahem*, might I suggest you might want to take a look at ONLINE COURSE JUMPSTART - my step by step guide to creating and launching a successful online course in just 8 weeks!)

You will also need a few other things:

  • Your main sales page
  • The ability to create a separate sales page with a discount coupon applied
  • A good email service provider (one which has the ability to handle tags, custom fields, sequences, automations and rules) - my top pick is ConvertKit* but I believe there are others out there that would work too

You've probably got all these things already, but there's one thing you probably don't have... and that's the little bit of magic that joins all of this together and creates those magical individual subscriber-specific deadlines. And that little bit of magic is called Deadline Funnel*.

Now, I won't lie. Deadline funnel is not free. Right now it costs $39. (Price correct at the time of writing, go HERE* to check the current price.)

But seriously, if all it did was give you ONE extra sale a month, it would be worth it... (and if you set things up right it should deliver a whole lot more than that!)

But that's it. That's the only extra bit of tech you need.

And the best news? Deadline funnel offers a 14 day free trial*

So, you can try risk-free.

If I were you I'd get this all set up today... and then I'd give it 14 days to see if it will make me at least one additional sale.

If you get at least one sale from it in the next 14 days, then you know it's worth keeping! If not, then you've not lost anything (except one days worth of work, which is not really lost because the assets you create can be repurposed!)

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