Unit 1 - The Evergreen Sales Funnel Overview (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

Here's the PDF I talk through in the video. Scroll to the bottom to get the download link. You may find it handy to print this off to refer to throughout the rest of the course.

Evergreen Sales Funnel Overview (002).pdf

Lesson Summary

In this lesson, I explain how an evergreen sales funnel works.

The process begins with a lead magnet, which is a freebie that attracts people to enter the sales funnel. This lead magnet is related to the paid product or course being offered.

After signing up for the lead magnet, the person is put into a regular welcome sequence to warm them up and build trust.

The evergreen sales sequence starts with a countdown timer set up using ConvertKit and Deadline Funnel. Once the timer starts, the subscriber receives a series of sales emails that encourage them to buy the paid product.

Each email includes a call to action and a link to the sales page, where a discount and countdown timer are also displayed.

The purpose of the countdown timer is to create urgency and a sense of deadline for the subscriber. By creating this time-limited offer, people are motivated to take action and make the purchase before the timer hits zero.

This urgency is reinforced in every email of the sequence. When the countdown ends, the links in the emails redirect to the regular sales page without the discount.

I also recommended sending a post-deadline survey asking for feedback from those who didn't make the purchase. This survey can provide valuable insights into why people are not buying and help improve the product or sales page.

Deadline Funnel allows for individual deadlines for each subscriber, even if they switch devices or email addresses.

Implementing time-limited discounts and deadline timers significantly improves the conversion rate of the sales funnel.

By utilizing an evergreen sales funnel with a countdown timer and discount offer, it is possible to generate sales consistently.

The effectiveness of the funnel will depend on factors such as the number of new subscribers and the product being offered. By following this strategy, more sales can be generated using a time-limited offer.

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