Unit 1 - Welcome to Evergreen Funnel Jumpstart

Welcome to Evergreen Funnel Jumpstart!

Hi and welcome to Evergreen Funnel Jumpstart! My name's Eb Gargano and I am super excited for you right now, because you are about to discover the most awesome, exciting sales 'secret' that has the potential to make the most incredible difference to both your piggy bank and your lifestyle.

(I say 'secret', it's not exactly a secret... there are other people out there who know about this secret too - but not many, so you are about to become a member of a very cool group of insiders, who know this secret and who are using it to do crazy cool things!)

If you've bought this course, the chances are you have a digital product that you've already launched... probably an online course, since I primarily advertise Evergreen Funnel Jumpstart to online course creators... but it could be an ebook, printables, templates, cheatsheets... this 'secret' will work for all of them!

But let me guess... you had a big launch and now it's just *crickets*.

Or maybe you've done a few launches... and each time you launch, you sell lots of courses... but it's soooo much effort and outside of those launches your cart is closed, so you sell nothing - it's feast and famine and you just think 'there's got to be a better way!'

Or maybe your product is available on evergreen but you've discovered that no one ever buys it unless it's on offer (<< this was exactly my experience until I discovered this cool 'secret' I am about to share with you!)

If you can identify with one of these scenarios then you are in the right place, my friend!

In this course you will learn:

  • How to sell your online course on autopilot
  • How to make sales every day (no more feast and famine)
  • Why deadlines are so important for making sales
  • How to give every new subscriber the opportunity to buy your online course, with their own personalised deadline
  • The one simple piece of tech that will totally transform your life (well, it totally transformed mine, at least!)
  • Exactly how to set up your evergreen sales funnel so you can make sales on autopilot - even while you sleep!
  • How to thoroughly test your evergreen sales funnel so you know everything works as it should
  • How to turbo charge your evergreen sales funnel to maximise your course sales

And the best news? You can literally set this all up in ONE DAY!

Ready to get started?

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