Unit 2 - What is an evergreen sales funnel? (And why they are so cool!)

An evergreen sales funnel is a very simple idea...

Every time a new subscriber joins your list, you send them an automated sequence of emails. Within this automated sequence of emails, you give your new subscriber the opportunity to buy your online course...

Now, you may be thinking at this point... 'yeah, I already do that and nothing happens - no one ever buys!'.

Aaah - that's because you are missing one key detail..


A deadline makes ALL the difference.

People are highly motivated by deadlines.

That's why launches work so well... because there's a hard deadline.

You see if you just tell your new subscriber about your nice online course... they might think 'oooh that looks really good, I should definitely get that'

But there's nothing making them do it NOW... and so they put it off and put it off and then eventually they forget all about it.

Because that's what we are like as humans... we're naturally procrastinators.

And we don't like making decisions. And choosing to buy an online course... even a really good one which sounds like is could really help, involves making a decision... decisions are hard, so we put them off - UNLESS...

Unless there's a hard deadline.


If you see there's a really cool sounding course for sale... but the price will go up at midnight tonight, it forces you to make a decision. You have to stop procrastinating and decide either to buy or not to buy... Suddenly doing nothing is not an option (because if you choose to buy, you have to do it now or you'll miss out on the deal... and we humans HATE missing out on anything... especially deals!)

OK so back to the explanation of an evergreen sales funnel...

In an evergreen sales funnel, you give your new subscriber the chance to buy your online course at a discount (a special 'new subscriber' discount, if you like) and you put a time limit on that discount.

For example, you say 50% off if you buy in the next 3 days.

And then for the next 3 days you send a sequence of emails that give your new subscriber lots of reasons why they should buy your course... why it's actually a total no brainer AND you keep reminding them of the deadline... with a ticking countdown timer!

And guess what?

Your new subscriber can no longer just think 'oh that sounds like a good course I might buy that one day', they have to buy it NOW (or rather before the timer gets to zero) or they will miss out on the big discount...

And guess what?

They do buy! Not everyone, granted, but a good chunk of them.

And, if you can get enough people to subscribe to your list, before very long you will find you are making sales every day... and this is all ON AUTOPILOT!

No crazy boom and bust launches that leave you feeling exhausted afterwards.

No having to constantly discount your online course to make any sales (which means no one ever buys it at full price!)

No feast or famine scenario

Just the regular drip, drip, drip of sales... even while you sleep!

It's the coolest thing ever!!!

But I already know what you are probably thinking... 'how on earth do I make that happen? How do I set things up so every new subscriber has their own individualised deadline???'

All will be explained in Module 1!

But before I do, I just want to cover a few 'housekeeping' bits and bobs - to make sure you get the most out of this course. So, that's what we'll cover in the rest of Module 0.

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