Evergreen Funnel Jumpstart

Sell your online course on autopilot!


But no one is buying it 😭😭😭

Perhaps you had a great course launch... but now it's just CRICKETS!


It's really hard to sell a course outside of a launch


Because we humans are a bit rubbish... we put stuff off until 'tomorrow'

Except when tomorrow arrives, we put stuff off until the next 'tomorrow' and so on...


One word: DEADLINES!

Deadlines stop us procrastinating and force us to make a DECISION

And also, we hate missing out on stuff.


  • Deadlines sell
  • FOMO sells

But what if there was a way to give every single new subscriber a seriously FOMO-inducing deadline?

What if there was a way to ensure every new subscriber got their own personalized 'launch week'?

And what if it was possible to put this all on autopilot so you could just sit back and watch while the sales roll in and your piggy bank fills up?


You can learn exactly how to do all of this in EVERGREEN FUNNEL JUMPSTART!


EVERGREEN FUNNEL JUMPSTART is your complete step-by-step guide to creating and launching a successful evergreen sales funnel, so you can sell your online course on autopilot!

Here's a sneak peep of what's inside...

  • A COMPLETE OVERVIEW of the entire funnel (so you understand exactly how it works)
  • The SIX ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS of a successful evergreen funnel (and how you've probably got five of them already!)
  • The EXACT EMAILS you need to send out and how to put a FOMO-INDUCING COUNTDOWN TIMER in them
  • How place a countdown timer on your SALES PAGE that EXACTLY MATCHES the countdown timer in your emails
  • How to connect everything up so it all works SEAMLESSLY
  • How to TEST everything works
  • How to TRACK YOUR EVERGREEN FUNNEL SALES (so you know exactly how much money it's making you!)
  • How to set everything up in ONE DAY and then put it all on AUTOPILOT!

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"As someone that has created many courses over the years and from someone that has read many, I have to say that Eb's courses stand out from the crowd!

There are many courses with the same old content and nothing new or special to share. But out of 65 courses that I bought at a similar time, Eb’s course is the one I am going back through and telling my blogger friends to go and buy."

- Samantha Milner, recipethis.com

"I wish I’d invested in Eb’s courses much sooner! There’s WAY too much scattered and conflicting info on the internet and I love how everything I need to know is in one of her courses, which has removed the stress and guess work. Her modules are also incredibly easy to follow and have loved the results so far!"

- Vikkie Lee, thecarpentersdaughter.co.uk


You'll also get a bonus module on TURBO CHARGING YOUR EVERGREEN SALES FUNNEL so it makes you EVEN MORE MONEY!

AND you'll get a special invite to join my exclusive student-only group: the PRODUCTIVE BLOGGING INNER CIRCLE, where you can hang out with other course students, ask questions, get feedback, share tips and celebrate successes!


"Eb provides a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Her website, blog posts, video tutorials, and the courses I've taken are thorough and easy to follow. She's a very generous teacher and provides bloggers with tons of good information. "

- Kim Catanzarite, authorkimcatanzarite.com

"Eb’s course was very well laid out, easy to follow and had a hugely positive impact on my blog. Thanks Eb!"

- Kat Buckley, thebakingexplorer.com



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Course Curriculum

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"Eb Gargano breaks it all down into easy, doable steps you can manage. I've never felt so organised & in control. Gone are the hours procrastinating & wondering what to do next to make things work. I know it's gonna happen, because I'm committed & learning from the best."

- Juliette Young, flourishingkitchen.com

"I found Eb's Productive Blogging website whilst trawling the internet for quality advice on setting up a blog. Once I had subscribed to her regular newsletter I was hooked! The quality of info was so beneficial to my journey into marketing myself as a marketeer and photographer. I decided to take a short course with her shortly after as I knew if would enable me to progress in understanding the digital landscape more clearly. I am very thankful for her wisdom in this field of work and highly recommend to anyone looking to launch a product."

- Lisa Wilson, whatsheseeks.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to complete this course?
This course will only take a day to complete - and that includes doing all the action steps!
Do I have to have a product to do this course?
Yes, you are going to need to have some kind of digital product to sell in order to do this course. I have designed this course specifically with online course creators in mind, but it will work for most types of digital product - ebook, cheatsheets, printables etc. (No product to sell? Check out my other course, ONLINE COURSE JUMPSTART and learn how to create and launch a successful online course in just 8 weeks!)
Do I have to have a blog to do this course?
I have designed this course with bloggers in mind, but no you don't technically have to have a blog to do this course. However you do need to have a way of getting new subscribers regularly. A blog will help you with this, but it's not strictly a prerequisite for doing this course, if you can get new subscribers onto your list another way.
I am a total newbie to evergreen sales funnels, will I be able to understand this course?
Absolutely! I have designed this course assuming you have no prior knowledge of evergreen sales funnels. I use ‘normal person’ English and explain all the evergreen sales funnel jargon.
I have a bit of experience with evergreen sales funnels, will this course be too easy for me?
That depends on how much experience you have and how much success you have had in the past. This course has been designed with evergreen sales funnel beginners in mind, but it would also be suitable for anyone who has created unsuccessful evergreen sales funnels in the past or who needs help making their existing evergreen sales funnel work better. If you have previously created a successful evergreen sales funnel and are already very familiar with Deadline Funnel, this course will probably be too easy for you.
Will there be any additional costs or hidden charges?
There are two things you will need to spend money on in order to complete this course: 1) A good quality email service provider (e.g. ConvertKit) and 2) Deadline Funnel. It may be that your existing email service provider is sufficient. In which case, you will not need to spend any additional money here. However, evergreen sales funnels requires certain more advanced email marketing features, which not all email service providers offer, so you may need to upgrade. However, one thing you will definitely need, if you want to create an effective evergreen sales funnel, is Deadline Funnel. This clever bit of tech will allow you to create individualized, subscriber-specific deadlines which automatically redirect from your offer sales page to your regular sales page when the countdown hits zero. It will also allow you to place countdown timers in your sales emails and on your sales page, further reinforcing your hard deadline. This genius piece of tech is not free... but set things up right and it should more than pay for itself!
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Is there any support?
When you enroll in Evergreen Funnel Jumpstart, you'll get a special invite to join my exclusive student-only group: the Productive Blogging Inner Circle, where you can ask course questions, request feedback and celebrate successes!

"Your courses are so clear, easy to follow and full of practical advice. Thankyou!"

- Melissa Shaw, skinnyspending.co.uk

"Eb's logical step-by-step teaching process is so easy to follow. I'm so glad I found her."

- Mary St. Dennis, lifeisjustducky.com


Your Instructor

Eb Gargano
Eb Gargano

Eb Gargano is a professional blogger who blogs at easypeasyfoodie.com and productiveblogging.com.

Drawing on her business and marketing background, she has turned blogging into a successful career. Known as ‘the organised blogger’ in blogging circles, she is passionate about sharing her business, blogging and productivity tips and seeing bloggers turn their blogs into successful businesses, without burning out.

She lives in Sussex, in the UK, with her husband and two children (aged 13 and 15), and when not blogging, she can be found cycling through the beautiful Sussex countryside with her family or curled up on the sofa with a good book. Learn more about Eb >>

**No guarantees disclaimer** There are obviously no guarantees in blogging and in business… I personally have earned good money doing the things I share in Evergreen Funnel Jumpstart. However, how much you will earn from your evergreen sales funnel depends on you – the quality of your course and marketing materials, how big your audience is, how hard you work and a thousand other variables. I therefore cannot – and do not – promise you any specific level of income resulting from following the advice in this course.