Welcome to Week 7!

Welcome to Week 7 of Profitable Blogging Jumpstart!

This week is the first of two weeks looking at how to get started with email marketing.

In this module we will cover:

  • Why email marketing is so important for bloggers
  • How to choose the right email marketing service provider
  • How to set up your email marketing account
  • How to create an email sign-up form and get it to show on your blog
  • How to create a domain name email address
  • How to create a welcome email for your new subscribers
  • What to write in your welcome email
  • Why an opt-in offer will grow your email list FAST
  • How to create an opt-in offer for your blog
  • How to set things up so your new subscribers get your opt-in offer
  • How to promote your opt-in offer

By the end of this week you will have set up an account with an email service provider, created an email sign up form on your blog, written a welcome email, created an opt-in offer and hopefully got your first few subscribers!

You won't be writing any new blog posts this week - but don't worry - you'll be writing TWO next week!

Ok, let's get cracking...

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