How to approach this course (How not to FAIL!)

As you’ve probably gathered by now – I am super passionate about blogging and the power of blogging to transform lives!

I believe by following this course, you can unlock the incredible power of blogging in your life too.

I really want that for you! And for that reason, I really, really want you to COMPLETE THIS COURSE!

But I also know that fitting a course into an already busy life can be tough, and I know that many, many people start courses like this one and never finish them.

I don’t want that to be the case with this course. Which is the reason for this unit – specifically I have created this unit to help you work out how you are going to fit this course into your life.

This course is divided into weeks and days instead of modules and units. This is entirely deliberate! For the best and quickest results, I recommend you put aside 1 to 2 hours per day, 5 days a week to work on this course.

On each 'day' you will get a short teaching section, followed by some action steps. You should first read and/or watch the teaching and then do the action steps.

By doing one 'day' of the course per day, you will keep up momentum and see results fast.

If your ultimate aim is to be able to earn enough money from blogging to quit your day job and blog full time, this is definitely the approach you should take. Treat your blog as you would any other type of start up business and you will reap the rewards!

HOWEVER, I appreciate that life isn't always so straightforward. If you do not have that amount of time in your week to dedicate to blogging, then don't worry, you can still create a profitable blog - it might just take you a bit longer.

I would recommend you still set specific times in the week when you will work on your blog. In these set hours, work through as much of the course material as you can, in the order I have set it and always do the action steps before moving on to the next 'day'. In this way you will keep up momentum and make slow and steady progress towards your aim of having a profitable blog to be proud of.

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