What is a 'content booster challenge' and why do one?

Want to know the one thing that you have control over that can massively increase your blogging traffic and income?


All other things being equal, the more (high quality!) content you have on your blog the more traffic you'll get and the sooner you'll start earning good money from your blog.

Data from the Blogging Income Survey

And this is especially true if your blog is still relatively new. The more blog posts you write and the faster you get that content published on your blog, the sooner you'll start getting traffic and the sooner you'll start making a profit from your blog.

Long term, you'll probably want to publish a blog post once a week, but short term you can massively accelerate your success by publishing lots of blog posts in a short amount of time.

The early days of a blog can feel a bit like a ghost town... but you can steam through that ghost town phase faster if you do my CONTENT BOOSTER CHALLENGE!

But the CONTENT BOOSTER CHALLENGE is not just for newbies. Any time you want to boost your blogging and traffic, you can come here and do another CONTENT BOOSTER CHALLENGE - there's no limit to how many you can do and they will always be beneficial!

So... what exactly is a CONTENT BOOSTER CHALLENGE... and why do they work so well?

What is the Content Booster Challenge?

Put simply, the CONTENT BOOSTER CHALLENGE is publishing 30 blog posts in 30 days!

Sounds impossible? But I promise it's totally doable... if you follow the 'rules' and tips I give you in this module!

How to do the Content Booster Challenge?

I'll go into more detail in the other units, but here's the basic outline...

  • Start by doing your keyword research (use Module 4 and Bonus Course 7 to help you)
  • Select 30 Gold Nugget Keywords to target... ensure they are keywords that can be answered in a short-ish blog post (1000 words or so) and that don't need a ton of research
  • Every day, at the first available opportunity, write, edit and publish your blog post... that might mean getting up an hour or two earlier for 30 days... or it might mean sacrificing your lunch hour... but get it done and get it done as early in the day as possible.
  • Don't aim for perfection (perfection is the enemy of done!) but do aim to create a good quality blog post that answers a particular question or problem that your target audience are likely to be typing into Google.

Why does the Content Booster Challenge work?

The CONTENT BOOSTER CHALLENGE is a powerful tool that can seriously boost your blog traffic and blogging income. But why does it work so well?

  • It gives you lots more chances to rank on Google! Every post you write gives you multiple chances to rank on Google.
  • It sends you lots more traffic... Just think, if over the next 30 days you wrote 4 blog posts (one per week) that each sent 10 pageviews per day, your blog traffic would increase by 40 pageviews per day (an increase of 1200 pageviews per month). But if over the next 30 days you write 30 blog posts, your blog traffic would increase by 300 pageviews per day (an increase of 9000 pageviews per month).
  • The more content you have, the more Google understands what your blog is about... and the more Google trusts you... which leads to even more pageviews.
  • Writing lots of content in a short space of time makes you a better writer.
  • If you have lots of new content, you can do lots more internal linking... which means every visitor to your site may view multiple pages - so all your older content does better too!
  • Writing 30 blog posts in 1 hit gives you more chances of striking lucky and getting a blog post that goes bananas.

Better still... combine the CONTENT BOOSTER CHALLENGE with THE HUB AND SPOKE CONTENT STRATEGY (see the next unit) for maximum effectiveness!

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