Unit 1 - Welcome to SEO Jumpstart

Welcome to SEO Jumpstart!

I am super happy that you have decided to take this course. SEO has totally transformed not just my blog, but my whole life. And that is absolutely not an exaggeration!

Before I discovered SEO, my blog was TINY and was growing SO SLOWLY. I put hours and hours into creating content and sharing that content all over social media and yet barely anyone was reading my blog and I was hardly earning any money from it. It was MASSIVELY FRUSTRATING!

And then I discovered SEO, and started putting SEO into practice on my blog and WOW! My blog growth went THROUGH THE ROOF. And with my increased traffic came a massive increase in my income – I went from earning peanuts, to earning THOUSANDS EVERY MONTH from my blog!

Earning a decent wage from my blog means I can work from home, be my own boss and work the hours I want to work – the hours that fit round my family. And it means I finally have a job that I truly enjoy – I actually look forward to starting work every single day!

And all this is possible because of SEO. I am completely sure that if I hadn’t got on board with SEO, my blog would still be tiny and I’d still be earning peanuts!

But I am also completely convinced that I’m not a one off – the power of SEO and the kind of blog growth, income growth and life transformation that I’ve experienced as a result of focusing on SEO is AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE!

The only thing that stands in your way is a bit of hard graft. And I won’t lie to you – this is not a get rich quick scheme! Implementing SEO on your blog will require some hard work, especially at the beginning, and it will require patience. I tend to find that, when I make SEO related improvements on my blog, it takes 3-6 months to see the results. But I find that, without exception, the results do come! And the results are AMAZING!

And don’t just take my word for it – this is what other bloggers who’ve followed my SEO advice have said...

"I've been blogging for years but it's only since implementing Eb's advice, particularly around SEO, that I've seen my page views begin to grow. Consistently following Eb's advice has let me grow my blog to the page views needed to join an ad agency. I'm finally making an income from my blog and I have Eb to thank for it!" 

- Mandy, sneakyveg.com

"Thank you for such a great SEO course! I just finished it in early February and have seen huge results. In December, I had about 35K pageviews and in January, I hit 90K! After taking the course, I feel so much more confident creating new blog posts and how to structure them. Thank you for such a detailed course!"

- Addison, organicallyaddison.com

“Thanks to the lovely Eb Gargano I am seeing results...little happy dance! Having never done any SEO or even understood it before I'm seeing amazing results with a few little tweaks. Some of my recipes that I've updated have had a 200% or more increase in clicks.”

- Vicki, freefromfairy.com

"Thanks to what I've learned about SEO from Eb Gargano, my traffic from Google has increased by 220% in the past 3 months. It's early days for me, but I'm excited about the direction I'm heading in!"

- Helen, cookingwithmykids.co.uk

"Thanks to Eb Gargano at Productive Blogging, I feel like I have really started to understand SEO and know what to do to improve the ranking of new and old blog posts. I've seen a steady rise in traffic since focusing on SEO and also been able to apply to Mediavine which has meant I am now earning much more from advertising than I was able to before."

- Corina, searchingforspice.com

"My blog went live in June last year (after 3 months of starting blogging). In October I was averaging around 200 sessions per month (and was seriously wondering whether it was worth carrying on). With the help of Eb's SEO Jumpstart course my sessions started improving and by the end of December my sessions were up to 5,000. I thought I’d try and make some money out of it so I switched on Google Ads and got my first payout of £64 this month. At the same time my sessions have improved even more dramatically, and I am now on 40,000 sessions and am just waiting to hear whether my application to join Mediavine has been approved or not. If it wasn't for the SEO Jumpstart course (and the Facebook group) I doubt very much this would have happened."

- Veronica, foodleclub.com

"I can't recommend Eb's course highly enough. Thanks to the SEO Jumpstart course, my traffic has more than quadrupled in the last few months. Thanks to Eb's invaluable advice and support, I was able to quit my retail job in December 2019 and make blogging my full time career. Feeling daunted? Don't be - The course is laid out in straightforward modules that you work on it at your own pace. Eb explains everything in such an easy way - no confusing technical jargon! This is the only SEO course you will ever need."

- Nicola, Something sweet, something savoury

So, what kind of transformation can you expect from this course?

Well, first of all you can expect to get to the point where you REALLY UNDERSTAND SEO. SEO can be a very confusing topic – it is full of jargon and it can seem like total gobbledygook to anyone who doesn’t know much about SEO.

In this course I have taken the complexity out of SEO. I start from the very beginning in Module 1 explaining exactly what SEO is (and what it isn’t!), and then step by step through the modules, using normal person English (no crazy jargon!), I build on your knowledge so that by the end of the course you will have a very thorough understanding of SEO as a whole and how to implement it on your blog.

But this not just a theoretical course!

It’s very, very PRACTICAL.

In most units I give you a SHORT LESSON and then a VERY PRACTICAL ACTION that you can take as a result of that lesson. This means that you can start putting SEO into practice from the very beginning of the course, so that by the time you have completed the course, you should already be seeing some very real results!

As a result of this course you should expect to see REAL GROWTH in your search engine traffic - slow and steady at first but over time you should see that growth begin to snowball. And, if you do all the actions in this course, you should expect to see incredible growth in the long term.

However, it’s really important to stress - that growth is dependent on how much work you put in! It’s not enough to simply go through the lessons, you must do the actions too.

But please don’t feel overwhelmed! This is not a course that will take over your life, nor is it a course that will take years to complete. It’s a very flexible course that will totally fit into your life, and while, yes, there is some work to be done, it is mostly very enjoyable work – and once you start seeing the very positive results of your actions, you will be VERY keen to do more!

What’s more you will find that the work you need to do to grow your blog using SEO, is WAY LESS than the effort you would need to put in in order to grow your blog using social media – and the results are WAY BETTER – we are going to look topic at this further in the next unit…

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