What you will learn in Module 7

Welcome to Module 7!

Now comes the fun part... how to actually earn money from your email list.

In this module you will learn:

  • Why your list is a potential GOLDMINE!
  • The FIVE main ways you can make money from your list
  • Why you are probably MASSIVELY underestimating how much your email list is contributing to your bottom line
  • How you can use your email list to negotiate BETTER RATES for sponsored posts
  • The NUMBER ONE reason the products you are currently offering on your blog are not selling
  • How you can make REALLY GOOD MONEY even from a TINY list 😀
  • How to warm your subscribers up so they are DESPERATE to buy from you
  • How to create a sales sequence - step by step
  • How to sell on AUTOPILOT!
  • What to do if you don't yet have anything to sell

Finally, you will get another TWO awesome bonuses:


Just copy the text into a new sequence in your email marketing software, fill in the blanks, tweak to suit your own style and BAM - your sales sequence is up and running!

Use it to sell your own products and services... or even use it to get affiliate sales!


Use this spreadsheet to quickly and easily track how successful your sales funnel is. It will also help you to pinpoint weaknesses and make improvements to make your sales funnel even more successful.

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