What you will learn in Module 1

Welcome to Module 1!

In this module you will learn:

  • How to choose the right email marketing platform
  • How to set up an account with your chosen email marketing platform
  • How to create an email list sign-up form and embed it on your blog
  • How to upload existing subscribers to a new email marketing platform
  • How to measure your success - using the metrics that really matter!
  • The legal stuff you need to know right from the get go
  • How to set up a professional email address to send from (and why that matters!)
  • Why you need to put a mailing address in your emails (and alternatives to using your home address!)

This module is mainly designed for bloggers who are brand new to email marketing and bloggers who are looking to switch email marketing provider. If you already have your email marketing set up, you may find you have already covered most of the things in this module.

HOWEVER, even if you have your email marketing set up and have no plans to switch providers, I do still recommend going through each unit to ensure you have done everything correctly and not missed any vital steps. Each unit in this course builds on the previous one, so missing steps in earlier units might cause you problems in later units!

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