What you will learn in Module 3

Welcome to Module 3!

This module is all about forms and landing pages.

A form, often known as a sign-up form or sign-up box, is the place where you get your readers to type in their name and email address so they can get their hands on an enticing freebie, and you can get a new subscriber!

So far in this course, you have created one kind of form... what is known as an INLINE FORM. This is the kind of form that can be embedded in a blog post and also a widget space.

But there are loads of other options!

In this module we will look at all the other form options:

  • POPUP forms (sometimes known as modal forms)
  • SLIDE IN forms (sometimes known as 'toaster' forms)
  • STICKY BAR forms (sometimes known as announcement bars)
  • LINK TRIGGER forms
  • LANDING PAGES - these are whole page 'forms'

In this module you will learn:

  • What all the different types of form are and when to use them
  • How to create a popup form
  • How to make a popup form 'exit intent' and why you'd want to
  • How to create a slide in or 'toaster' form
  • How to create a sticky bar form
  • How to create a link trigger form
  • The difference between a form and a landing page
  • How to create a high converting landing page
  • Where to put forms on your blog to grab attention - but not annoy and distract your readers!

By the end of this module, you will have created several different types of sign-up form as well as at least one landing page for your opt-in offers. You will also have optimised your form placements for maximum sign-ups!

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