What you will learn in Module 4

Welcome to Module 4!

This module is all about how to create a welcome sequence.

A welcome sequence is a series of emails which are sent automatically to all new subscribers, welcoming them to your email list.

A welcome sequence is not a 'nice to have', it's an essential part of email marketing and can make a HUGE difference to your open rates, click rates, unsubscribe rate and even, ultimately, your sales!

In this module, you will learn...

  • Why creating a welcome sequence is such a vital part of email marketing
  • How to write a welcome sequence that will increase your overall open and click rates and decrease your unsubscribe rate
  • How to connect up your welcome sequence to your forms so your new subscribers automatically get your welcome sequence (but anyone who has already received it, doesn't get it again!)

You will also get three awesome bonuses in this module:

BONUS #1: Welcome sequence swipe copy

Done-for-you welcome sequence swipe copy... to make creating a welcome sequence even easier! Just copy and paste the swipe copy into your email marketing software, fill in the blanks and tweak to match your style and you are done!

BONUS #2: Bespoke welcome sequences

In this bonus unit, you will learn how to take welcome sequences to the next level by creating 'bespoke' welcome sequences for different forms.

BONUS #3: Automatic segmentation

Are you ready for next level welcome sequence awesomeness? This welcome sequence automatically segments your list so you can send more targeted emails (more targeted emails will have better open and click rates, even lower unsubscribes and even better potential to make sales!)

By the end of this module you will have written your welcome sequence, connected it up to all your forms and maybe even started using you welcome sequence to segment your list!

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