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KICK START your email list GROWTH and learn how to be an email marketing ROCKSTAR!

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Want to grow your email list and earn good money from it?

Then you need Email Marketing Jumpstart!

Email Marketing Jumpstart will teach you how to...

  • pick the RIGHT email marketing platform (and why that matters!)
  • create HIGH-CONVERTING forms and landing pages that will TURBO-CHARGE your list growth
  • make awesome OPT-IN OFFERS that your readers will go CRAZY for
  • write NEWSLETTERS that your subscribers CAN'T WAIT to receive
  • MASSIVELY IMPROVE your open and click rates with ONE SIMPLE TRICK
  • use tags, custom fields and segments THE RIGHT WAY
  • how to actually EARN MONEY from your email list (even if you don't have a product to sell!)
  • how to AUTOMATE your email marketing so it takes up WAY LESS TIME (but brings in way better results)
  • PLUS, all the legal stuff you need to know!

You'll also get a ton of bonus material, including swipe copy, example automations, templates, tech tutorials, printables, progress trackers and more... Everything you need to totally ROCK email marketing!

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Er... actually, no!

Did you know, average social media engagement is 0.58% - that means each social media post you create will, on average, only reach 6 out of every 1000 followers. That's tiny!

On the other hand, with email marketing, the average figures are:

  • 85% will see your email
  • 22.9% will open your email
  • 3.7% will click on a link in your email

And that's just the average figures. A LOT of people are doing email marketing badly and dragging those stats down... take this course, you should be able to do way better than that!


  • You own your email list! (You DON'T own your social media followers)
  • Email marketing is a lot less work than social media
  • You have a lot less competition inside your subscribers' inboxes
  • Email marketing helps you build a relationship with your readers, which means...
  • People are much more likely to buy from email marketing that from your blog or social media


The reckoning is that for every 1 person on your list, you should be making 1 dollar per month...

Take a moment to think about that...

That means if your email list is 500, that's $500 a month. If your list is 5000, that's $5000 per month.

Now, obviously that money doesn't happen by magic... to get there, you need to start taking email marketing seriously!

It is not enough to half-heartedly put a sign up box in your side bar and send out an automated email every time you publish a blog post!

Many bloggers do that and then, because they don't see any tangible results, they conclude (wrongly!) that email marketing is a waste of time and instead focus their efforts on social media. THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE!

Because email marketing DONE RIGHT can have a dramatic effect - turning casual blog readers into raving fans, who hang on your every word, tell anyone who will listen how amazing your blog is and buy all your stuff!

Are you ready to take email marketing seriously and start seeing real results?

"If you don’t know where to start with email marketing, then this course provides the structure and a step by step guide to get you started. My email list was rather neglected but this year, using advice from Productive Blogging, I have changed to another list manager, created an opt-in and moved to weekly newsletters instead of only sending out new posts.

It’s early days, but the engagement with my readers has increased with some emailing me direct with questions or kind comments. I also see a small rise in traffic to the recipes in newsletter following its receipt."

- Janice Pattie, Farmersgirl Kitchen

"Eb has taught me almost everything I know about email marketing from general advice about offering multiple lead magnets to using a/b testing and setting up automated sequences. Not only have I been able to put all this knowledge into practice on my own site but the advice has been so helpful that I'm now also able to use that knowledge to help other bloggers set up their email marketing!"

- Chloe Edges, Feast Glorious Feast

"Eb Gargano is full of great ideas and expert advice. She is always there to ask meaningful questions to move you forward and takes the time to answer personally with excellent suggestions and links back to her incredible blog posts. She is a consistent wealth of information and my go-to for learning everything you need to know about blogging and email marketing."

- Heather Cottrell, Single Mom Bloggers

Hi, I'm Eb! And I am passionate about the power of email marketing to grow your blog and your community, turn your casual readers into raving fans who hang on your every word, build up that all important KNOW-LIKE-TRUST factor with your audience, and ultimately to grow and diversify your blogging income

This course is not a 'scratch the surface', 'here's a few quick tips' type of course... nor is it a course designed to show you how to use a particular email marketing platform. Rather it is a deep dive into the fundamental principles of effective email marketing - and, most importantly, how to put those principles into practice to grow your list and your income!

It doesn't matter which email marketing service you use. (Though I do believe some are better than others!) but rather it's about HOW you can use that email marketing service to best meet the needs of your readers, subscribers, customers and clients.

Want to know more about what's in the course? Check out the course curriculum...

Course Curriculum


"I'm a huge fan of Eb's courses. All the advice is clear, easy to follow and easy to implement. My blog has grown tremendously after following the SEO advice in SEO Jumpstart course and I'm looking forward to taking this course and working on my email marketing."

- Corina Blum, Searching for Spice

"Eb's SEO Jumpstart course has been absolutely fundamental to the growth of my blog and also me as a confident blogger. Having put all her advice into practice I have seen the results very quickly after implementation and my blog hasn’t stopped growing since allowing me to earn money doing what I love. I’m looking forward to concentrating on my e-mail marketing next and am confident that with the help of Eb’s new course I will see great results."

- Jo Allison, Jo's Kitchen Larder

"I can't recommend Eb's courses highly enough. I enrolled in her SEO Jumpstart course at the end of 2019 and after following her excellent guidance my traffic jumped from almost nothing to over 40000 sessions per month. If her Email Marketing Course is anything like SEO Jumpstart, this will be another winner"

- Veronica Jerling, Foodle Club

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to complete this course?
This is a very hard question to answer as different people work at different speeds and it depends how much time you allocate this course per day/week. It also depends on what state your email list is in right now. But taking all this into consideration I would estimate that to cover all the units in this course would take approximately 10 hours. However, you will need to actually do the action points at the end of each module/unit as well in order to benefit from this course and this will obviously take you additional time. Please don’t be alarmed by this, though – I have broken this course down into individual modules and units which are short and actionable.
I’ve only just started my blog, is this course right for me?
Absolutely! In fact, it is hands down the best time to learn about email marketing – BEFORE you make a whole load of mistakes you need to go back and fix.
I have a well-established blog, is this course right for me?
Definitely! This course will work whether your blog is brand new or you’ve been blogging for years.
What if I don’t have a blog yet?
If you don’t have a blog yet, then your first action point is to start one and write a few blog posts. Having a blog with some content is one of the few prerequisites of doing this course. If you don’t already have a blog, I suggest you grab my free course >>>, which gives step by step instructions on how to start a blog and write your first few blog posts. Once you’ve started your blog, come back and get started on this course.
Is there any benefit to doing this course but not doing the action points?
Nope! You will only see the benefits of this course if you do the actions too!!
I am a total email marketing newbie, will I be able to understand this course?
Absolutely! I have designed this course assuming you have no email marketing knowledge. I use ‘normal person’ English and explain email marketing jargon. But if you do get stuck, please let me know – either by emailing me or asking in Productive Blogging Community Facebook Group.
I know a bit about email marketing, will this course be too easy for me?
That depends on how much you know... I would say this course is suitable for anyone who is between beginner and intermediate level. If you know a bit about email marketing, then you will probably benefit from this course. If you know a lot about email marketing and are able to create complex automations, run successful sales funnels, are fully up to speed with how to tag and segment your list, use custom fields confidently and already have multiple forms, landing pages and lead magnets, then you will almost certainly find this course too easy.
Will there be any additional costs or hidden charges?
There are no additional costs that you HAVE to make to do this course (unless you haven’t started your blog yet), though, there may be areas you WANT to spend a little extra money on in order to take your email marketing to the next level. For example, you may decide you WANT to upgrade to a more professional email marketing service or pay for a premium opt-in tool to turbo charge your email marketing efforts. However, you do not HAVE to spend any additional money in order to complete this course. One important point to note, though, is that most email marketing services do charge a fee per subscriber. There are email marketing platforms that will allow you a certain number of subscribers for free, however as you gain more subscribers and go over the free limit, you will need to start paying for email marketing... however if this happens that's a good thing... That means it is working... and email marketing done right should ultimately pay for itself and then some!
Can I do this course in any order?
I wouldn’t recommend that approach. I have deliberately arranged this course in a specific order as I think this is the best way to approach email marketing. I also assume knowledge from previous units as you progress through the course and I assume that you have done the actions in the previous units too!
Do I need to use a specific email marketing platform in order to complete this course?
No! This is not a course about how to use a specific marketing platform, but rather it's about the fundamental principles of good email marketing and how to put those principles into practice. As part of the course, I include a whole unit on how to choose the right email marketing platform for your blog, as well as a detailed side-by-side comparison of the three most popular email marketing platforms for bloggers to help you make the right decision for your individual situation. I do include tech tutorials in my course and for those tech tutorials I use ConvertKit - as this is the platform I personally use and recommend (and because I couldn't possibly include tech tutorials for ALL the major email marketing platforms, so I had to pick one!). So if you currently use ConvertKit, are considering using ConvertKit or would like to see how ConvertKit works, this is an extra bonus!
When does the course start and finish?
Email Marketing Jumpstart is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you want to start and when you finish!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Is there any support?
When you enroll in Email Marketing Jumpstart, you'll get a special invite to join my exclusive student-only group: the Productive Blogging Inner Circle, where you can ask course questions, request feedback and celebrate successes!

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"Highly recommend Eb for any of her courses! She has a great methodology for breaking down information into manageable chunk to allow users to fully understand the topic, the why’s and the how’s before moving to the next phase. Working on SEO Jumpstart gave us the knowledge and confidence to increase our site traffic drastically with the help of SEO and the continued support from the Productive Blogging Facebook group. This increase led us to reach Ad network traffic must faster."

- Michelle Rolfe, Lost in Food

"Eb's email marketing advice has been really helpful in helping me concentrate on streamlining my subscription service to my readers. Although I'm already avoiding many of the 31 email marketing mistakes, I still have work to do. It's nice to have a ready made list to work through. Thanks, Eb!"

- Christina Conte, Christina's Cucina

"Eb’s advice is always very simple to follow and easy to action"

- Vicki Montague, Free From Fairy


Your Instructor

Eb Gargano
Eb Gargano

Eb Gargano is a professional blogger who blogs at and

Drawing on her business and marketing background, she has turned blogging into a successful career. Known as ‘the organized blogger’ in blogging circles, she is passionate about sharing her business, blogging and productivity tips and seeing bloggers turn their blogs into successful businesses, without burning out.

She lives in Sussex, in the UK, with her husband and two children (aged 14 and 15), and when not blogging, she can be found cycling through the beautiful Sussex countryside with her family or curled up on the sofa with a good book. Learn more about Eb >>