What you will learn in Module 8

Congratulations on reaching the final module of this course. If you have followed all the advice and action steps in this module, your email marketing is now in great shape! There's just one last piece of the puzzle we need to cover... and that's automation...

In this module, you will learn

  • How putting your email marketing on AUTOPILOT will free up more of your time and allow you to achieve way more!
  • How to design your subscriber JOURNEY
  • How to create an automation step-by-step (TECH TUTORIAL)
  • How to ORGANISE your automations

You will also get 6 awesome bonuses - the bonuses in this unit are done-for-you sample automations to show you what is possible. You can either use them 'off the peg' or customise them to your heart's content!

  • Bonus #1 Simple Welcome Sequence Automation
  • Bonus #2 Welcome Sequence + Sales Sequence + Product Sequence + Questionnaire Automation
  • Bonus #3 Cold Subscriber Reactivation automation
  • Bonus #4 Webinar automation
  • Bonus #5 Free Email Course Opt-in Offer Automation
  • Bonus #6 Product Launch Automation

If you are a ConvertKit* customer then I have an EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS for you... In just a couple of clicks, you can copy each automation straight into your own ConvertKit account!

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